We are a rural Anglican Church set in the north Cheshire countryside only a few minutes from Warrington and Runcorn.  We are nationally and internationally known for our connection with Lewis Carroll the author of Alice in Wonderland.
We are in the liberal Catholic tradition. We pride ourselves in the quality of our worship, music and welcome.

We serve the villages of Daresbury, Moore, Hatton, Preston Brook, Preston-on-the-Hill and the new development of Sandymoor.

The first church here was built by the monks of Norton Priory around 1100. The Church tower is what is left of the 1550 Church.
The present church building dates from 1870 . Designed by Paley and Austin, it replaced the previous building using many of the original features and layout.

You will always receive a warm welcome at our Services. All Saints Church is open to visitors and we are happy to accommodate coach parties.

David Felix writes:

“One of the joys of being the Vicar of Daresbury is the number of baptisms and weddings I take. I find it a great privilege to be able to be involved at a very important point in someone’s life and to be able to talk about God’s love for them. ”